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FAQs / help

Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • General Website Questions
  • Where are my sightings kept?
    All of your sightings are stored online (in "the cloud"). This means you can access them from any computer, tablet or smartphone at any time (well, as long as you've got an internet connection).
  • Will this new start-up website last?
    Although the trainlogger website launched in summer 2015, our team have a long history of operating railway websites. Our first website, ontrackplant.com was launched in 1999, with departmentals.com following shortly after in 2002. Based on the success of these "niche" websites, we expect that this new website will prove extremely popular so have no plans to close it down or stop maintaining it.
  • Sightings
  • How do I log my sightings?
    Easy! Just visit the log your sightings page. We have tried to make this as simple as possible - all you need to do is enter a location, date (in yyyy-mm-dd format ie 2015-08-17), and the numbers you've seen (seperated by a comma - ie 37401,37402,37409. Please do not use a hyphen, space, plus, minus, full stop or any other punctuation mark to seperate your sightings!)
  • I typed one location and it got changed to something slightly different?
    We have a basic "autocorrect" feature which standardises some location names & common spelling mistakes. We try to standardise locations so other users can easily find sightings at a location.
  • Can I quickly import my sightings from Excel/Access/database etc?
    Not at the moment. People save their sightings in so many different formats, it would be impossible to cater for them all. We are slowly working on a basic solution to import text/CSV files.
  • I've made a mistake. How do I edit or delete a sighting?
    If you've made a mistake with any sightings, you can edit or delete it. Click through to the trip report with the incorrect sightings, then click "sightings editor" near the top of the page. Then click on "edit" next to the incorrect sighting. This will bring up a page where you can edit the location, date & time of a sighting; you can assign the sighting to a different train (useful for trains with duplicate numbers); or delete the sighting.
  • Why are some of my sightings highlighted as "unknowns"?
    There could be several reasons for this. You may have entered a number that doesn't exist, or we just don't have that number in our database. We periodically review these "unknowns" and add numbers to the site if needed. We know we are missing quite a lot of data for old DMUs/EMUs which we will add when time allows. There's no need for you to delete your "unknowns" unless you've made a mistake.
    The site does not cover track machines, coaching stock or wagons. See below for more info.
  • Can I add industrial locomotive sightings?
    Yep. We have a lot of them listed. Try and log them in their build number format, with recognised builder prefixes, ie RH234567, RR10222, HE9345 etc. Some may show up as "unknowns" until they're listed/suggested for addition to website.
  • Can I add steam sightings?
    Yes. When typing something, just type steam after the number, ie "60163 steam". Steam lists will be made available soon, but for various reasons we won't be adding historical/scrapped steam!
  • Can I add tram/light rail sightings?
    Yes. Due to some of the numbers conflicting with mainline stock, you have to enter the numbers in the following format: BT 001,DLR 101,ET 251,LT 2531,ML 3001,MM 01,NET 201,SYS 101,TW 4001. If in any doubt, you can also log sightings from the lists and train profile pages.
  • Can I log tube/underground sightings?
    You can log the locomotives L12 - L52 (TOPS numbers 97712-97752), or the units as LU21555, LU96001, LU11033 etc. Some may show up as "unknowns".
  • Can I add coach/wagon sightings?
    No (well, yes, they'll show up as "unknowns"). You can add DVTs and DBSOs. Please note "DBSO 9701" format for typing DBSOs so not to conflict with Eurotunnel locos.
  • Can I add track machine sightings?
    Only current machines (although you can also add long-scrapped machines, they'll show up as "unknowns"). Please sign up to our sister website ontrackplant.com if you want to log track machine sightings & view lists etc.
  • Can I add departmental stock sightings?
    No (well, yes, technically you can but they'll show up as "unknowns"). Please sign up to our sister website departmentals.com if you want to log your sightings & view lists etc.
  • Photos
  • How do I upload a photo?
    Firstly you need to upgrade your account (we need to cover the cost of webspace, photos fill webspace). Secondly you'll need to log some sightings. When you've logged sightings, you can upload photos from your daily trip reports.
  • Do you keep the full size photos I upload?
    We are not a dedicated photo hosting or back-up service. We do not store "original" large versions of photos.
  • My photo failed to upload. Why?
    Sometimes the system can't cope with really large images. We currently display photographs at a size of 1600 pixels wide so please try to resize your photos to roughly this size before uploading (use Photoshop, Lightroom, camera software etc - there are many tutorials on the internet).
  • I uploaded a photo. It's now upside-down?!
    Some photos taken with mobile phones may not appear with the correct orientation. We are working on a fix for this.
  • Can I upload someone else's photo?
    No! Please only upload photos you've taken (or legally own the copyright to).
  • Can I upload webcam photos?
    No. Please do not take images/screengrabs from webcam websites and upload them!
  • Can I upload dash-cam photos?
    In the rare instance that you see a train from your dashboard, then we can't stop you, but we'd advise against it. The quality of the photos produced by these cameras just isn't very good. (We had similar thoughts about mobile phones 10 years ago, but now look where we are!)
  • Train Numbers & Details
  • Can I see scrapped, exported or undelivered trains?
    Sure - just search for the number and you should get results. You can also filter the lists to show everything.
  • The information for [insert number here] is wrong!
    With nearly 20,000 train numbers listed on the website, it is nigh-on-impossible to keep everything up-to-date all of the time. This is where you come in. Upgraded users can edit names, operators, livery, depot and notes for a train! If there's some details you can't edit, just get in touch.
  • Your Account
  • Can I change my username?
    Yes, just email us with details.
  • Upgrading
  • Upgrading is expensive?!
    Sorry you feel that way. A coffee can cost £3. A London all-zone travelcard is £12. A combined-volume book is around £20. We think the upgrade prices are fair for what you get.
  • I've upgraded but can't access the extra features?
    Usually the upgrade process is instant so you can access the features immediately, but there may be the occasional time when it's not. If you've paid, it's been an hour-or-so since and you still can't view the extra features, please email us.